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Jones & Young are Independent whole of market mortgage advisers in Hampshire. We provide tailored advice to create long-term success and financial progression for our clients.

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As specialist mortgage brokers, Jones & Young can assist you with wide range of mortgage advice from CIS MortgagesSelf Employed MortgagesContractor Mortgages, Later Life Mortgages & Mortgages for Company Directors, let us at Jones & Young guide you to the right specialist mortgage lenders.

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90-95% Loan to Value (LTV)

Loan to Value(LTV) options typically 90-95%

Trusted Advice

Clear and concise advice around the best options for your needs.


Helping customers cut through the noise to understand things their way.

Gross Pay Used

The Lenders average your income over the last 3 months' GROSS pay. Not the net amount from your tax calculations.

Specialist Rates

We offer competitive rates ensuring the best price for our customers

Jones & Young Mortgages - Your Access to Specialist Lenders

Jones and Young are independent and whole of market advisers. As specialist mortgage brokers, we understand the way lenders view your income, and personal circumstances can be complex. That’s why our expert mortgage advisors take a more personal approach.

With over 30 years combined experience in the mortgage market, we have access to a wide range of high street lenders, as well as specialist lenders, so that we can find the best deal for our clients. Many mortgage lenders fail to understand the complexities of CIS and self-employed mortgages. That’s why even if you have previously been declined, we might still be able to help.

Our main goal is to make the mortgage application process stress-free. Not only will we discuss your personal needs at a convenient time, but we’ll inform you of exactly how much lenders will be prepared to give you. In addition, we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork and our friendly experts will be there at all times to guide you through the process.


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As Independent Whole of Market and experienced advisers, we go the extra mile to offer you a personal, approachable and accountable service.

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30+ Years As Mortgage Advisers

Providing business owners and the self employed with mortgage advice

Individual Tailored Advice For Mortgage & Protection

Tailored advice recommended for your personal situation

Whole Of Market Access

Access to the whole of market mortgage market to find you the best deal

Common Reasons Why Borrowers May Require A Specialist Lender:

What is a specialist lender?

These days, many high street banks compete on interest rates and service levels to attract mainstream mortgage businesses. Not only are these lenders often strict with mortgage criteria and it can vary massively between each lender, but they are also strict with how they define income and this can be hard for self employed, company directors and contractors.

As specialist mortgage brokers, we take an alternative approach and have high street lenders who aren’t so strict on lending criteria such as complex income streams or less than 2 years trading history. This means we are able to negotiate alternative mortgages for people who may have previously struggled to get one. We are still authorised in the same way as a traditional mortgage broker and have assisted hundreds of people with securing the mortgage they deserve.

We often find that high street banks decline many self employed people and company directors as they don’t understand your income or company set up. We have high street banks who allow only 1 years trading or use the latest years income figures instead of the average of the last 2 years for example.  Some will use net profits or salary and dividends.  

High street lenders traditionally don’t allow contractors or CIS workers to use their gross day rates and instead calculate your income using your lower taxable income. We have high street banks who will allow us to calculate your income using your gross day rates and they use your contract or CIS slips as income proof.

With many people having more than one source of income or paid via their own company, it can be challenging for lenders to offer mortgages due to the amount varying each month. However, we have high street mortgage lenders who understand that not everything is straightforward in life and is willing to understand your unique circumstances. This can be especially helpful for self employed people, company directors, contractors and CIS workers.

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