Do you have a mortgage on the Christmas List?

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With Christmas right around the corner, securing a mortgage may be the last thing on your mind – or perhaps it’s at the top of your wish list for Santa.

But if being accepted for a mortgage is a wish you would like to become a reality this festive season, it’s important you have the right people to help.

At Jones and Young, we’re not interested in quick sales and getting as many mortgages as possible secured before the Christmas break; we’re focused on finding a mortgage that works for you.

This winter, when looking for a mortgage advisor that all you want for Christmas, aim to partner with someone that has the following:

A mortgage advisor that is genuinely invested in your needs. 💖 When doing research about the best mortgage support available to you, ensure you work with someone who asks the right questions about what you would like to achieve and where you aspire to be on the property ladder, not where they think you should go.

A mortgage expert will do the research and present you with the best options. 🙌You’re paying a mortgage advisor for a service, so at least expect them to provide you with options which suit your financial circumstances. Time is precious, so don’t waste any time looking at options that you are likely to be declined for.

A mortgage guru focused on getting the best outcomes within your planned timescale. ⌚ It can take time to save a sufficient amount of money for a deposit for your home. It’s also likely you will have an idea of when you wish to secure a mortgage too. When looking to partner with a mortgage advisor, work with someone who is supportive of the timescales you would like to follow.

So when you’re looking for a tree-mendous mortgage professional to support you with securing a mortgage this Christmas, think about Jones & Young.

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