Mortgage Rates Increase Three Fold

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What the flip is going on? Get me a mortgage adviser! 😲

With the UK’s political turmoil, economic uncertainty, as well as rising inflation and interest rates, it’s not surprising people are hesitant about making hefty financial commitments and are turning to mortgage advisers for help.

Especially contracts which may concern first-time buyers looking to secure a mortgage or homeowners looking to remortgage.

While some prospective homeowners remain as enthusiastic as ever to secure a mortgage – others remain apprehensive about what decision they should make. Some are proceeding with caution.

But through the trials and tribulations of life and the existing unavoidable circumstances, it’s important to keep dreaming about that first property you desire to buy. But while you dream, keep the positive reasons for using a mortgage advisor at the forefront of your decisions.

✅ A mortgage advisor will help you secure a deal that works for you. Your financial and credit circumstances will have an impact on the mortgage rates you may be offered, but by working with a mortgage advisor you can be confident they will strive to secure a loan that works best for you.

✅ A mortgage advisor will provide you with peace of mind.
Inevitably, you will have questions about mortgages at the best of times. And now we’re living in pretty concerning times so the questions may increase. By partnering with a mortgage advisor, they can the there to support you.

✅ A mortgage advisor can help you understand the forecasts in the market. While journalists present financial estimates within the market, what they share is just a fraction of what’s happening within the bigger picture. By using a mortgage advisor, you will receive understandable insight – beyond the news articles – about what’s happening in the financial world and how this may impact the decision you make concerning your mortgage.

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