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Get a CIS mortgage using 3 months of CIS statements as your gross pay with Jones & Young CIS Mortgage Broker Service. 

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How to get a CIS Mortgage

Our mortgage lenders allow us to use your CIS statements like pay slips. With only three months’ CIS statements, you can secure the right mortgage for you.

For the lender’s affordability, we use your gross pay instead of your lower taxable pay that the accountant submits for your accounts. This means you get a mortgage based on what you actually earn, not just what your income tax bill and national insurance bill is! In doing so, we can save you from paying more tax and any additional rebates.

Jones & Young is a professional mortgage adviser with over thirty years of experience helping construction industry scheme workers get the mortgage they deserve.

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How do I calculate my gross pay as a CIS Contractor?

Use your Gross Pay

If you are in the construction industry and get paid via the CIS scheme, we can use your CIS statements as pay slips; this means you can use your gross pay, be tax-efficient and still get the mortgage you deserve.

The rates you are offered do not change, you aren’t penalised in any way for using your day rate or CIS statements, and there are many high street banks offering mortgages for contractors.

Jones & Young have lenders who are able to use your gross pay averaged over the last three months to calculate your affordability.

Lenders only require 3 months CIS Statements as proof of income.

Even when using your CIS gross pay, you can still qualify for a 5% deposit mortgage, subject to your credit score. 

You can even purchase or remortgage using your CIS gross pay, with as low as a 5% deposit. 

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Loan to Value(LTV) options typically 90-95%

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Gross Pay Used

The Lenders average your income over the last 3 months' GROSS pay. Not the net amount from your tax calculations.

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Receive The Mortgage Deals You Deserve

If you’re in need of CIS mortgage advice or assistance with the mortgage process, we’re here to help. We only require three months of CIS statements as proof of income. Our expert advisers will then average your GROSS income over a 3-month period to calculate your gross annual salary. The mortgage process can often be confusing for CIS workers, as some mortgage providers view you as employed, not self-employed, this plays into your favour though, enabling you to borrow more whilst remaining as tax efficient as possible.

Our role is to deliver fast, clear and straightforward advice about the best options available. With over thirty years of combined experience in the industry, you can be sure we’ll help you find the mortgage you need.

Even if you’ve struggled to find a mortgage with other brokers, Jones & Young may be able to help. We’ll take your gross and net income into account, your construction industry scheme (CIS) payslips and provide a mortgage calculation based on these.

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Helping Customers Secure The Homes They Deserve

Jones & Young acts as the bridge between CIS workers and the mortgage companies that can help them. Many lenders only deal with brokers like us, meaning a wider choice of available options.

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CIS Mortgages FAQs:

We’ve done our best to try and answer the most frequently asked questions about construction industry scheme mortgages below:
What is a CIS Mortgage?

A CIS (construction industry scheme) mortgage is specifically designed for self-employed construction workers who are registered under the CIS scheme. It allows you to get a mortgage using your gross pay, which can be advantageous as it often means being able to borrow more. If you were to use your annual income from your net profits, there’s a good chance you would be able to borrow much less.

Just because you are a CIS worker doesn’t mean you can’t obtain a mortgage.

Not all mortgage lenders accept CIS workers, so the number of CIS mortgage mortgage options are less than if you were employed or self-employed.

However, if you are a CIS worker, you may be able to borrow more using your CIS statements than your taxable income declared on your tax returns.

Most CIS mortgage lenders use gross income averaged over the last three months to calculate how much you can borrow.
Here at Jones and Young, we need 3 months’ CIS statements as proof of your income rather than the end-of-year calculation from a self-assessment tax return.

Most CIS lenders take into account your average earnings over the last 3 months to calculate your annual income. Your mortgage is offered based on these, your ability to afford monthly payments and the lender’s own criteria. This is usually between 4-5 times your annual income. Why not view our CIS mortgage calculator. CIS mortgage calculator.

Yes! Just because you’re registered as self-employed does not mean you’re restricted from getting a mortgage. Here at Jones and Young, we specialise in getting you the best construction industry scheme mortgage possible. For more information, please our contractor mortgages or get in touch with one of our advisors today.

Some lenders may be willing to offer you a mortgage if you are a CIS worker but have bad creditAt Jones & Young, we have advisers that specialise in mortgages for CIS workers, whatever their credit history. If you need further advice on the subject, please get in contact, and an advisor will call you back.

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