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Are you planning to move to a new home? Moving can be a stressful process, but with our expertise and competitive rates, Jones & Young can make the mortgage process smoother for you. 

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Find the right mortgage for moving home.

We have years of experience in helping home owners find the right mortgages when moving home.

Our experts will assist with your mortgage application from the start to the end, all whilst offering helpful advice wherever needed. All interest rates are competitive, mainly from high street banks and building societies.

Moving Home Mortgage Specialistis

Jones & Young offer a wide range of mortgage options tailored to meet the needs of home movers. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, or relocating, we have the right mortgage solution for you. 


Competitive Mortgage Rates

Jones & Young provide competitive interest rates on mortgages, ensuring that home movers can secure affordable financing for their new homes.


Flexible Mortgage Rates

We offer flexible mortgage terms to cater to the specific needs of home movers. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term mortgage, we have options to suit your requirements.


Personalised Mortgage Advice

Jones & Young's dedicated team of mortgage advisors will provide personalised advice and guidance throughout the mortgage process. We understand that every home mover's situation is unique, and we tailor our recommendations accordingy.


Efficient Application Process

Jones & Young strive to make the mortgage application process as smooth and efficient as possible for home movers. Our streamlined procedures and digital tools enable quick and hassle-free applications.


Experitse in UK Market

Jones & Young have in-depth knowledge of the UK mortgage market, we can navigate the complexities and intricacies of the industry. We stay updated with the latest regulations and trends to provide the best solutions for home movers.

Specialist Mortgage Advice To Help You Secure The Home You Deserve!

90-95% Loan to Value (LTV)

Loan to Value(LTV) options typically 90-95%

Trusted Advice

Clear and concise advice around the best options for your needs.


Helping customers cut through the noise to understand things their way.

Gross Pay Used

The Lenders average your income over the last 3 months' GROSS pay. Not the net amount from your tax calculations.

Specialist Rates

We offer competitive rates ensuring the best price for our customers

Building You A Brighter Future

Jones & Young act as the bridge between customers and the mortgage companies that can help them. 

Many lenders only deal with brokers like us, meaning a wider choice of available options. We’ll help ensure that you meet the contractor mortgage criteria, complete the mortgage application correctly and get the best deal possible.

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30+ Years As Mortgage Advisers

Providing business owners and the self employed with mortgage advice

Individual Tailored Advice For Mortgage & Protection

Tailored advice recommended for your personal situation

Whole Of Market Access

Access to the whole of market mortgage market to find you the best deal

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jones & Young Moving Home Mortgages

How does moving house work when you have a mortgage?

If you currently have a mortgage, there are two main options when moving:

  1. Port your mortgage to your new property 
  • You transfer your existing mortgage deal to the new home
  • Usually the quickest and easiest option
  • But you’ll still need to pass affordability checks

  1. Take out a new mortgage
  • Your current mortgage is repaid when you sell
  • Then you can shop around for a fresh mortgage deal
  • Useful if you can now get a cheaper interest rate 

The specifics depend on your circumstances and loan details. But essentially, your current mortgage gets repaid when you sell your old property. 

Simultaneously, your new mortgage gets secured on your new home purchase. This all happens on completion day.

So you can move from one mortgaged property straight to another. We’ll advise the best route to finance your new home.

Moving home when you have an existing mortgage in place follows a set process:

  • First, you need to assess your current mortgage deal – can you port it or do you want to switch lenders? Your adviser will guide you.
  • Next, you must sell your current property. This repays the old mortgage upon completion.
  • Simultaneously, your conveyancer draws up contracts securing a new mortgage with your chosen lender against the home you are purchasing.
  • Funds from your new mortgage facilitate the completion on your new home.

So essentially, the old mortgage gets repaid as soon as you sell. And money from the new mortgage simultaneously finances buying your next property.

This all happens on one day – mortgage completion day. It allows you to seamlessly move from one mortgaged property to another.

Usually no, you do not normally need to pay another cash deposit when porting to a new mortgage. The equity in your current home counts as your next deposit. As long as you have at least the minimum equity for the new loan size, porting lets you transfer across without needing more funds upfront. Your adviser will explain your particular circumstances.

Not a cash deposit, but you use the equity built up in your existing property instead. This equity acts as your deposit for any new loan needed.

As long as you meet the lender’s loan-to-value criteria based on your equity, you can borrow the rest without paying more upfront. Your adviser will talk through the numbers with you.

While not a legal requirement, using a mortgage adviser makes complete sense when moving home. Navigating deals, porting vs switching, costs and paperwork is extremely complex.

An adviser’s expertise guides you to the most suitable mortgage option without any hassle. Their market knowledge could also qualify you for exclusive cheaper rates. Investing in advice is worthwhile.

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