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    Mark Jones

    Mark Jones is a professional mortgage adviser with over ten years of experience helping construction industry scheme workers get the mortgage they deserve.

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    Richard Young is an expert in helping older clients achieve better lifestyle options with the use of a lifetime mortgage and later life lending options.

    If you’re interested in understanding more about how Halifax and Santander have made it more of a challenge for the self-employed to get a mortgagewatch my rant here!

    I say rant because, well, it is. 😡

    Being self-employed is tough. Getting a mortgage while being self-employed can be a nightmare too.

    I know, I’ve been through it myself.

    That’s exactly why I’m focused on helping the self-employed in finding a mortgage that’s right for them. So, to help you on your way here are some tips…

    Don’t be defeated by rejection from a High Street Bank ❌

    When you have been declined a mortgage, you will feel demotivated.

    But the loan you need doesn’t need to be only from a High Street Bank.

    There are hundreds of lenders out there who can accommodate people from all backgrounds. I have access to that information – let me know if I’m able to help.

    If you’re navigating the mortgage market with just one year’s worth of accounts, it’s crucial to understand the specific challenges and opportunities this situation presents. For an in-depth exploration of this topic and tailored advice, consider reading our comprehensive guide for self-employed individuals with 1 year’s accounts. This resource is designed to provide you with the insights and strategies you need to enhance your mortgage application and increase your chances of success.

    Raise as much of a deposit as possible 💰

    I think it’s a real shame the self-employed get placed under so much scrutiny when looking to secure a mortgage, but it’s just the way the market is.

    Do all you can to raise as much of a deposit as possible. The higher your deposit, the more appealing you will become to mortgage lenders.

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    Work with a mortgage specialist 🧑💼

    You knew it was coming, but I’m going to recommend you engage with a mortgage specialist to save you so much stress when looking for a loan that’s right for you.

    At Jones & Young, we have experience supporting people with all types of mortgages. So, even if you’re not self-employed, we can still help you whatever your circumstance.

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