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If you’re interested in understanding more about how Halifax and Santander have made it more of a challenge for the self-employed to get a mortgagewatch my rant here!

I say rant because, well, it is. 😡

Being self-employed is tough. Getting a mortgage while being self-employed can be a nightmare too.

I know, I’ve been through it myself.

That’s exactly why I’m focused on helping the self-employed in finding a mortgage that’s right for them. So, to help you on your way here are some tips…

Don’t be defeated by rejection from a High Street Bank ❌

When you have been declined a mortgage, you will feel demotivated.

But the loan you need doesn’t need to be only from a High Street Bank.

There are hundreds of lenders out there who can accommodate people from all backgrounds. I have access to that information – let me know if I’m able to help.

Raise as much of a deposit as possible 💰

I think it’s a real shame the self-employed get placed under so much scrutiny when looking to secure a mortgage, but it’s just the way the market is.

Do all you can to raise as much of a deposit as possible. The higher your deposit, the more appealing you will become to mortgage lenders.

Work with a mortgage specialist 🧑💼

You knew it was coming, but I’m going to recommend you engage with a mortgage specialist to save you so much stress when looking for a loan that’s right for you.

At Jones & Young, we have experience supporting people with all types of mortgages. So, even if you’re not self-employed, we can still help you whatever your circumstance.

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Tips to secure a mortgage if you are self employed

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